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Simple Ingredients

Superior Taste

Original Hot Pepper Hot Sauce
Original Hot Pepper or "OHP" is our inaugural hot sauce. Made with a delicious combination of hot peppers, fruits, and honey, OHP is the perfect marriage of heat and flavor. You'll enjoy hints of ginger and lemon as the heat from caribbean hot peppers slowly builds on the back of your taste buds. Trust us, you're in for a pleasant surprise! 
High heat level
Pairs well with EVERYTHING but we love it with meats & seafood!
Sold in 5 oz. bottles
Pineapple Fresno Hot Sauce
Pineapple Fresno is a delightful fan favorite. Don't let the simplicity of the ingredients fool you. This sauce is a fantastic example of how simple ingredients can deliver dynamic flavors.The name says it all; tangy heat from fresno peppers, brightened with a hint of sweetness from organic pineapple juice. This is sure to become your new "go-to" hot sauce. 
Medium heat level
Pairs well with EVERYTHING but we love it on Pizza!
Sold in 5 oz. bottles


"LOVE IT! Hillside Harvest OHP is THE BEST hot sauce, perfect balance of flavor and heat with a VERY unique taste. Literally is delicious with meals any time of day (awesome for Bloody Mary's too!). Thank you, Hillside Harvest, for making our new go-to hot sauce!! " 

— ANDREA, Arlington, Ma